Specialist Services

The agency may provide specialist services, according to the assessed needs of the service user, the availability of suitably trained and experienced care workers and any other conditions of the agency’s registration with the Care Quality Commission and equivalent national bodies.

Specialist services may include care services to:

  • People, who by nature of the ethnic minority community or religious group to   which they belong, require the provision of specialist care and specialist knowledge.
  • Children and their families.
  • People with special communication needs.
  • People with sensory loss.
  • People with dual sensory impairment.
  • Older people with complex health and care needs.
  • People with a terminal illness.
  • People who have had a stroke.
  • People who have learning disabilities.
  • People with mental health problems including people subject to Guardianship and Supervision orders under the Mental Health Act.
  • People with infectious or contagious diseases.
  • People with dementia.
  • People with challenging behaviors.