As a business we understand the importance and need for feedback.

Right to Know How to Complain
 We hope that this provides the necessary information required for you to do this. Email Address:

We are responsive to all complaints at all times.

Right to Complain Without Discrimination
This means that your complaint must be treated impartially and objectively, not personally.  You have the right to complain without any ‘come back’ from any parties involved.

If you feel you are being discriminated against after making a complaint, you should complain.

Right to a Flexible and Responsive Service
Better life care is proud of its service.  The care that we provide by its very nature has to be adaptable and responsive.  Most peoples’ circumstances change at some point, as do their needs.  As an extension of this, any care service should naturally follow suit and change with you.

If you feel you are not receiving a flexible and responsive service, you should complain.

Right to Safety
Whatever you do, wherever you live, how you are supported – all situations should be safe for both you and those within the vicinity.

If you feel there are any unsafe elements/situations, you should complain.

Right to Request a Review
It is your right to request a review of your support and/or care at any time.  You may wish to discuss issues or raise important points in respect of your changing needs or you may just want to give some feedback.

If you feel you would like a review, please contact the office during the hours of 7.00am to 18.00pm, Monday to Friday to arrange a suitable time.